Overview of the main hi® abdominal and pelvic techniques

This program shows you how to position and use hi® for relaxing and stimulating your abdomen and pelvic areas.

Doing this quick routine daily is a great way to help maintain overall pelvic wellness.

The goal of these techniques is to relax and tone your abdominal and pelvic muscles and general tissue. This hopefully will reduce muscle spasms, improve circulation and lymphatic flow, plus improve overall muscle tone. 

You'll learn the following 3 techniques:

Lower abdominal massage

Upper pelvic massage

Middle pelvic massage

Typically, each technique is done approximately 3-5 minutes. We recommend not holding the hi® unit for more than 3 minutes on the exact spot. So if the technique is held longer than 3 minutes the unit should be moved slightly.

The techniques should be done daily if possible. Fortunately, most women find the procedure pleasant and look forward to doing it. This makes doing the techniques long term more likely.

Our observations have been that women typically begin feeling positive changes in their pelvic floor within a week. By 4 weeks many have reported significant positive changes.*

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