Intimacy Massage as a couples “meditation”

The core purpose of Intimacy massage is to be a form of “meditation” that helps couples discover, and rediscover each other. In this context it is not a form of foreplay because both people commit to not engage in sexual activity during or immediately after the session. That being said it is also a very powerful tool for couples to refine their skills as lovers. This is addressed later.

To practice Intimacy Massage as it was created, both partners must be willing to commit to honoring the promise to their partner that nothing sexual will happen during or immediately after the massage. This is important so the person receiving the massage can relax and trust that there is no pressure. As well there is no obligation for any sexual activity later unless both partners want this.

Many people become highly aroused by the experience. The act of intentionally waiting till later for sexual activity can build a level of erotic tension. This often leads to amazing experiences later if couples do engage in consensual sexual activities.

After learning the techniques in intimacy massage, many do incorporate them into their foreplay routine. However, the practice of intimacy massage should be seen as a separate activity not include sexual activity.

For individuals, this is a great way to learn how to both experience and share sensuality with others.

For couples interested in taking things further we have Sensual Massage, more advanced programs are available that incorporate many Asian sexual practices in a format people can quickly understand and apply. Click here to see them.