(4) Follow the Goosebump Game (your partner will LOVE this) - step 1

Learn “Follow the Goosebump”

Here you create “goosebumps’ by kissing your partner’s neck, ears, etc. Then notice where goosebumps form on their body and gently “tickle” or stroke that area to make more goosebumps there.
Make sure you don’t have any rough parts on your hands or sharp fingernails.

These 2 videos below give an overview of one way you can do it. But any part of the body is available for stimulation. When at first when you are learning intimacy massage, the genitals aren't ususally stimulated. The reason for this is that type of stimulation can capture the attention of the receiver and distract them from discovering how the other parts of their body really feel being touched. However later, after you've learned both giving an receiving touch and sensitivity - that is a new area to explore as well.

We'll cover the details in the next lectures.