Skills you will learn from this

FIRST - take the hand massage program to learn the basics.

The goal of this program is to build skills you learned in the Hand Massage program. This includes your ability to your partner and respond to how they react. That skill will be used here but with a wider variety of experiences and ways to touch.

Your ability to read how your partner reacts is more important here because some techniques have a delicate balance between feeling good and tickling.

Plus, it's now your turn to really explore what it feels like for your body to be touched. Many time's people who have focused on caring for others have never really experienced what it is like to let go and just feel the experience.

Finally, you will learn a technique where you take turns synching your breath with your partner. This can be an amazing experience. It also is the first step to one of the many levels of intimacy. Most people want to be more intimate with their partner. Frequently though they or their partner doesn't know what this means. We've been brought up taught to avoid letting our guard down and just "being". This technique is a great way to experience just "being" together without having to think about it. This lays the foundation for deeper experiences to share.